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Process improvement is my art, code is my artwork.

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Okay cool, my toothpaste no longer contains triclosan, but like, why does stannous fluoride have to taste so bad

If I wear noise-cancelling earbuds under noice-cancelling headphones, will I be able to hear again

Sending a user feedback form with a suggestion to update one of their website dependencies is a whole new level of me being extra

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"It's like you're trying to vibe" is the most damning sentence anybody has ever said to me

Please, I just want to use Elixir. Please. I'm begging you. Why must I be thwarted at every turn

Y'know, I hate when people use more than one exclamation mark, but reading "Congratulations!!!" after every tutorial example for this library has actually been a wonderful experience

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American Thanksgiving, but this year all the drinks are from BC and Alberta and we're making poutine with the leftover gravy later :P

Also, Keeb has black Elite-C PCBs, so that's freaking awesome

Ordered some BOX Royal switches, since Novelkeys is having a Black Friday sale. Really hoping I like them as much as my Gateron Clears

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neural net generated pie 

And by comfy I mean really dang comfy

Seriously y'all, Allbirds are no joke. These things are comfy

ARM architecture? Why not ARMS? Big, springy arms. You've been visited by Spring Man

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OH: "so I'm the maintainer of a small open source yuri library"
"URI, I mean URI"

Experiencing the usual end-of-term stall-out. I need to start writing my thoughts down so I actually retain memories for more than an hour

Ball Guy is just Kurt who has gone mad. Change my mind

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