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Process improvement is my art, code is my artwork.

If you've been wondering where I've been and what I've been working, check this out:

I want to love Affinity Designer, but every time I want to do something fancy the answer is always "you're just gonna have to do that yourself"

Pretty sure I just watched one of my lightbulbs crash and reboot. What a world we live in

I'm opening up a specialty mechanical keyboard store in the next couple months, focusing on screws and standoffs initially. I'm really excited about the variety of products I'll be able to offer—I'll share more details as I get them.

I sure do enjoy Christmas break, known also as extended demotivation time

I'm gradually warming up to Gatsby; I think it's a really interesting framework if you consider it as an extension of GraphQL

Boku no Hero complaints 

Yikes, leave me alone by myself for 5 minutes and I'll completely plan my next keyboard project

I really want to love my BOX Royal switches, but those Gateron Clears really changed my life

Writing a Helm chart is my ideal coding experience.

Functional programming?
Deployment automation?


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Okay cool, my toothpaste no longer contains triclosan, but like, why does stannous fluoride have to taste so bad

If I wear noise-cancelling earbuds under noice-cancelling headphones, will I be able to hear again

Sending a user feedback form with a suggestion to update one of their website dependencies is a whole new level of me being extra

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