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Alright, buckle up -- I've had enough of some of you fools making fun of my field.

This thread is a computer science reading list. I will be updating it every whenever.

I will be focusing on papers that are foundational or that I find especially aesthetically pleasing.

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memes scientists use to teach people by metaphor.

imagine you had a piece of paper. ordinarily, you would have to travel across the surface. but if you folded it like *this* and poked a pencil through it, then you can travel from point A to point B in no time at all

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Hi everyone! Welcome to If you want, please take a moment to add yourself to the public profile directory so people can see what this instance is all about.

Sheol-Nugganoth, the Black Goat of the Thousand Young, is stripping the organic matter from trees again! Nature is h̵͇̕ẻ̵͔à̷͎l̷̬̔i̴̎͜n̶͐͜g̶͔͝ <3

if you don't refill the ice tray in May i hope your life remains unfulfilling

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pandemic startup company vibe is making a gantt chart to the tune of Lux Aeterna

I think I might have a negative step count

Good luck on finals this week, everyone!

sometimes a guy just wants to visit every vertex in a graph and SOMEONE just had to make it hard to plan that trip in advance

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help me re-do education

we were all so pure at the beginning of 2020. this is the year of self-care we said

2020 had other plans

hello my friends. please use the correct file format for your data. thanks

wow sorry i didn't mean to flood local lmao

You might surprise yourself with how much you could enjoy programming for its own sake, rather than just to solve other, more interesting problems.

Go outside. Take a walk. Think about the ideal way to put your thoughts down in electronic form.

Come back. Write beautiful code.

How's that for an algorithm?

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Maybe you only care about the results of executing code. That's fine.

But it doesn't have to just be that, if you don't want it to be. You're executing your thoughts and opinions about the world -- have some fun with it!

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Programming can be beautiful, too, if you let it.

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Math is beautiful, but in the end, you can't execute math. Someone else has to do something with it. Maybe you modeled something useful, or maybe you're just doing it for the fun of it.

If you can talk to a computer, and you can think, you have the ability to do things nobody else can, because you're creating a process that can actually do something. Right here, and right now. By yourself.

Not only that, but it's possible for this to be an aesthetic experience, like math.

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I can't woodwork. I can't really make anything physical with any degree of skill, actually. I'm trying to be an artist, slowly, but that takes time. Maybe I'll get there eventually.

You know what I can do right now? I know how Fibonacci numbers are made. With a tiny bit of effort, I can model the process by which they're created and summon them from nowhere. In fact, I can instantly summon millions of them, just by talking to a machine.

That's wonderful.

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