Alright, buckle up -- I've had enough of some of you fools making fun of my field.

This thread is a computer science reading list. I will be updating it every whenever.

I will be focusing on papers that are foundational or that I find especially aesthetically pleasing.

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First up is On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem, written and directed by the one and only Alan Turing in 1936. If you know of any famous CS paper, it's probably this one.

Here, Turing both invents Turing machines, which are the most powerful model of computation currently available, and uses them to produce a negative answer to the decision problem, which has important implications for logic problems in CS.

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Concurrently, Alonzo Church also solved the decision problem, using a construct equivalent in power to Turing machines called the lambda calculus.

The combined theory is called the Church-Turing thesis.

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