who needs classes when you have closures

Sheol-Nugganoth, the Black Goat of the Thousand Young, is stripping the organic matter from trees again! Nature is h̵͇̕ẻ̵͔à̷͎l̷̬̔i̴̎͜n̶͐͜g̶͔͝ <3

if you don't refill the ice tray in May i hope your life remains unfulfilling

.@Zach how do i pin this to the entire server

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@microversal silicon valley can do anything, including the things it can't do

pandemic startup company vibe is making a gantt chart to the tune of Lux Aeterna

I think I might have a negative step count

@jo There's no loneliness like being in a crowd of people with the coronavirus

Good luck on finals this week, everyone!

sometimes a guy just wants to visit every vertex in a graph and SOMEONE just had to make it hard to plan that trip in advance

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help me re-do education

@solarpunk what is a campaign but a miserable pile of dice rolls

we were all so pure at the beginning of 2020. this is the year of self-care we said

2020 had other plans

hello my friends. please use the correct file format for your data. thanks

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