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Truly changing power structures in society depends on the presence of oppressed groups, not just in policy making and offices, but in the other facets where biased decisions are made. I would argue that is every profession, and if you don't believe STEM could be subjective, I have some news (and suggested readings) for you. Furthermore, power is harnessed in fields with overrepresented populations, providing a bubble for them to continue hurtful behaviors and attitudes.

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While we're at it, women in math. Women who like math should be empowered to do it! But if they aren't we're fucked. If women are left out of math we lose having gross attitudes held by men called out before they are too old and powerful to learn, moral persepctives, role models for girls who don't know if they belong. We end up with more biased science and it hurts all of us. It gives the patriarchy a weapon for oppression that CANNOT be checked.

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Non-CS feminists tend to have attitudes like, awe CS Women©️ breaking the glass ceiling! But forget that representation of women and NB folks in CS is something that is actually a core feminist issue. Having mostly white men design our healthcare was devastating for human rights; are we really not concerned that the products that are shaping our entire society today are being made by mostly straight-passing white men?

who needs classes when you have closures

Sheol-Nugganoth, the Black Goat of the Thousand Young, is stripping the organic matter from trees again! Nature is h̵͇̕ẻ̵͔à̷͎l̷̬̔i̴̎͜n̶͐͜g̶͔͝ <3

if you don't refill the ice tray in May i hope your life remains unfulfilling

.@Zach how do i pin this to the entire server

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@microversal silicon valley can do anything, including the things it can't do

pandemic startup company vibe is making a gantt chart to the tune of Lux Aeterna

I think I might have a negative step count

@jo There's no loneliness like being in a crowd of people with the coronavirus

Good luck on finals this week, everyone!

sometimes a guy just wants to visit every vertex in a graph and SOMEONE just had to make it hard to plan that trip in advance

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help me re-do education

@solarpunk what is a campaign but a miserable pile of dice rolls

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