I think I might have a negative step count

@jo There's no loneliness like being in a crowd of people with the coronavirus

Good luck on finals this week, everyone!

sometimes a guy just wants to visit every vertex in a graph and SOMEONE just had to make it hard to plan that trip in advance

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help me re-do education

@solarpunk what is a campaign but a miserable pile of dice rolls

we were all so pure at the beginning of 2020. this is the year of self-care we said

2020 had other plans

hello my friends. please use the correct file format for your data. thanks

@solarpunk Almost exclusively 3rd person limited. Sometimes twines are second person, and I've done first person for when I want to tell a story from the POV of a minor character, but I default to third person limited for like 90% of writing.

wow sorry i didn't mean to flood local lmao

You might surprise yourself with how much you could enjoy programming for its own sake, rather than just to solve other, more interesting problems.

Go outside. Take a walk. Think about the ideal way to put your thoughts down in electronic form.

Come back. Write beautiful code.

How's that for an algorithm?

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Maybe you only care about the results of executing code. That's fine.

But it doesn't have to just be that, if you don't want it to be. You're executing your thoughts and opinions about the world -- have some fun with it!

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