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First up is On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem, written and directed by the one and only Alan Turing in 1936. If you know of any famous CS paper, it's probably this one.

Here, Turing both invents Turing machines, which are the most powerful model of computation currently available, and uses them to produce a negative answer to the decision problem, which has important implications for logic problems in CS.

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Alright, buckle up -- I've had enough of some of you fools making fun of my field.

This thread is a computer science reading list. I will be updating it every whenever.

I will be focusing on papers that are foundational or that I find especially aesthetically pleasing.

i still can't believe i own this domain

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introspection??? idk 

do you ever look at someone around you and wonder what they'd be like if their life ever came into focus

i have returned to the stomping grounds

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git pro tip:

Add the following lines to ~/.gitignore_global instead of keeping it in a separate .gitignore per project:


Can you come up with more globally sensible extensions to add? Add them to this thread!

do droids say:

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D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep

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minor Rise of Skywalker, Avengers Endgame spoilers 

so if Palpatine is in Rise of Skywalker and there was a Rise of Skywalker event in Fortnite and Fortnite was in Endgame, that means that Star Wars is canon in the MCU. seeing such a powerful lightning user probably contributed to Thor's depression, leading directly to the rest of the events of endgame. In this TED talk

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I really love Dave Walden's introduction to his 1970 paper "A System for Interprocess Communication in a Resource Sharing Computer Network", aka RFC 62. You think he's setting up to say the first way is better than the second, but then he hits you with, "actually I'm doing both."

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People need to know that they do NOT HAVE TO PAY for having a website, shell access, gopher site, free radio shows...
AND you do not have to pay by selling your soul and attention by advertizing!
Free - as in freedom/freespeech AND free as in free beer for decades are available at and at
Yes, they solicit donations, but not ravenously upon your attention span.
You can have a website. You can be a radio DJ with a scheduled show!! Come on! Boost!

hi hello why is Haskell package management such hot garbage

u wanna check stack's version? Get ready for stack exec stack -- --version

I can't

All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.

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You may have heard of hy, the Lispish syntax for Python, but have you heard of dg?

It's a Haskellish syntax for Python, offensive to Haskellers and Pythonistas alike!

It doesn't go via the ast, but straight to bytecode.

@python @esolang


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