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Jazz.af is a community for makers, hackers, and other creative tech types. We talk about what we're making, what other people are making, about our lives, and everything else.

I want in!

You can join if you'd like. If registrations are open, use those. Otherwise, get an invite from a user. Or, email @seb here with a reason you'd like to join, and he'll sort you out.


  • Be kind and constructive. No tearing down other people's work.
  • No racism, sexism, transphobia, Nazism, etc.
  • No illegal content, pursuant to United States law.
  • This is primarily an English server, so try to stick to English as your main language of communication.
  • Bots must tag themselves as bots.
These rules are enforced by @seb and a small team of moderators. Please report anyone you feel has violated a rule, and we will take a look at the situation.

Other resources

If you're looking for people to follow, take a look at the Trunk, a list of people in different categories across Mastodon.